Dennis Kennedy
Dennis Campbell Kennedy is a writer on Irish and European affairs. Currently based in Belfast,  he has worked 
as a journalist in both parts of Ireland, and in the United States and Africa. From 1985-1991, he was Head of the 
European Commission Office in Northern Ireland, and later  lecturer in European Studies in Queen's University 
Born in Lisburn, Co.Antrim, he was educated at Wallace High School Lisburn, Queen's University, Belfast, and 
Trinity College Dublin. He graduated in Modern History from Queen's in 1958, and received a PhD from Dublin 
University (Trinity College) in 1985.


New from  Ormeau Books:  Inisheer 1965 and 1970  - A Photographic Essay , by Dennis Kennedy.
Based on hitherto unpublished photographs taken almost half a century ago on two visits to Inisheer,  this book gives a snapshot of life on the smallest of the Aran Islands when it had no piped water, no electricity, no cars, and lay a three-hour sea voyage from Galway. 42 pages, full colour. Format; Royal (23cmX15.5cm, landscape.) Available from, or by post to D.Kennedy 3 Mornington, Befast BT7 3JS.
Price, including postage, in UK£10, in Rep of Ireland and rest of EU, including postage euro 12.50.  payment by sterling or euro cheque to D.Kennedy at the above address, or by PayPal.


(A paper read by Dennis Kennedy to the Belfast Literary Society, 7th October, 2019.)

SQUARE PEG in Glencullen and Dublin 2.

Originally published in 2009 by Nonsuch Publishing, Dublin, under the title

Square Peg, The Life and Times of a Northern Newspaperman South of the Border.

This a re-designed edition from Ormeau Books, with amendments and

new illustrations. Available only by post from Dennis Kennedy at 3 Mornington, Belfast BT 7 3JS,

Northern Ireland, or Price (in UK) £12.50, postage included.

In Rep. of Ireland and rest of EU, €15, postage included.

 9th September 2017

16th August, 2017.
Article in Belfast Telegraph, 
Why John Wilson Foster is wrong.

13th April 2017

 Article published in History Ireland, Sept/Oct 2016.    

 'Moore's Blasphemy' 

9th April 2017

Article published in New European 9th April 2017 -

Legacy of Martin McGuiinness

17th February 2017
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An Irish Language Act

5th February 2017 

Fake News and the Fourth Estate

4th February 2017

Who is to Blame?

3rd January 2017

Article published in The Irish Times - Referendum need not be the last word on Brexit

9th November 2016

Article published in the Irish Times - Pride in ‘inclusive’ 1916 commemoration rings hollow

28th June 2016

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20th January 2016

Vive l'Europe

 Address to The Irish Association, Belfast, 17th March 2015.

7th January 2016

Weak-willed Cameron's Euro gamble could rip UK asunder.

An edited version  of this article appeared in Belfast Telegraph, 7th Jan., 2016.

8th December 2015

Climbing Slemish now available on Kindle

Published November 2015;

BELFAST’S GIANTS: Thirty-six Views of Samson and Goliath, by Dennis Kennedy

Two hundred years ago Japanese master printmaker Hokusai embarked on his famous series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji. A century later the French painter Henri Rivière, produced Les Trente-six vues de La Tour Eiffel. Retired journalist and occasional photographer Dennis Kennedy has now, with apologies to Hokusai and Rivière, come up with Thirty-six Views of Samson and Goliath, three dozen of his own photographs taken over the past thirty years. They depict Harland and Wolff’s gantry cranes from a variety of viewpoints and constitute a modest tribute to the two Biblical giants and to the city they have come to symbolise

Paperback book; A5 format, 46 pages. (36 full-colour photographs.)